Thursday, September 15, 2005

And so begins another fine day. This one is looking to be a winner.
Do I have a date tonight? maybe.
Do I have to work? nope.
Well, that is good enough for me.

So I have a few new quest to embark upon now. Jameykay would like a new job. This is most likely known already my many people reading here. So then lets do something about it huh? Keep a eye out for open jobs. Fast food is out. So is most things involving spaghetti as I understand. Also, no books. She was traumatized by a assistant librarian job some time ago. If you happen to be a employer in the Asheville area and would like a smart, clever, competent, and all-around badass human get on the ball and hire her. Besides, her hands are to die for. Who doesn't want a employee with hot hands?

I was having a half-dream the other day. One of those mostly awake type in which you only seem to think you are mostly awake because you are stubborn. It was about being a really tiny kid in elementary school at Haw Creek. Go eagles right? Anyway, It was near Halloween and all the kids would dress up in costumes for a day. Some of them where pretty crazy. There was a kid who dressed up as that poor little back-hoe that got stuck in the hole he dug and ended up becoming a steam boiler. Remember that one? I chose to dress up like a knight. My father and I spent the previous few days adding to a suite of plastic armor we had. A cheap toy breast plate and helm with a shield. The $5.95 kmart version. Most of the work for the outfit was his. We had ducktape and silver paint to put on cardboard for grieves and bracers. In the dream I had a plate for my back too. After the armor was ready I was proud. Most likely my dad would have changed a few things about it but I though it was a terrific set up.
The following day a miniature medieval warrior waited for the bus breathing steam from his visor. Talk about feeling like a super hero. Untouchable entirely. A armor encased, smoke breathing 8 year old.
Then the bus showed up. I remember the giant wheels grinding the gravel/acorn compote. Its doors jerked open in the way those things always do. I entered pensively because I had just realized that though I wasn't the only kid in a costume, I sure was almost the smallest kid on the bus. This was the creature's cave. The other children on the bus wanted to know how well the armor worked.
It isn't until about 2pm that we are allowed to go outside and walk around in the faux parade that was supposed to take place. Every ruler or fist seemed to knock off a chunk of cardboard or rip tape when it hit my suite to "see if it works". I of course took the nicks the vultures where delivering. "How could I fight all of them anyway? my sword is plastic and breaks when I take it out of the holder. Bullies." Besides "Mom doesn't want me fighting" I resolved but it was a excuse. Really I was just a wuss.
The parade went well even though the kid dressed like construction equipment got all the awards. My armor needed my help to stay in place. Later that day when school was over the bus ground up some more compote and the knight stepped off dragging armor behind him. Upon entering the house and taking of my bag I noticed that despite my day-long beating I was pretty much unbruised. Not a scratch. Nothing really. The armor had taken everything the bullies where willing to dish out to me that day. Though it was now tattered and broken with chipped paint and dented plastic it was actually the armor I thought it was when I was waiting for the bus that morning. Single serving armor, one use only. For a day with the dragons.


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