Friday, October 28, 2005

Here's a game! Find the Cop with the short shorts and a stash! It is fun and you have 20 seconds starting now, go!

Congratulations to me for going to a party and not getting mutilated or mauled. Laura who I know from work invited my to her house for a costumed throwdown. There was drinking and dancing and me eating people's heads. Altogether a pleasant affair. For some reason three people showed up dressed as Reno Cops, perhaps it was prearranged. My memories of that night are not really... vivid. There was some tacos, PJ, and fooseball too. pictures where taken and posted here: checkit.
Upon arriving back to the apartment I met a kitten. It is male, grey, and small of course. He is named M-something, I can't really remember. Right now He's sliding around on my floor. Perhaps this is the one cat in the world that has not been gifted with the balance normally associated with felines. That would be great! M-something-er-other is the clumsiest cat I know. The whole place is a slip and slide. Also, he attacks anything larger than him and eats dust.
My hand is doing pretty well. I am typing with it right now. It's scar tissue is like a knot in my hand. When I do my exercises it's tendons move in a solid mass rather than individual parts. The wrist only has about 30 degrees of movement right now. That is better than the 25 degrees last week but nowhere near what it used to be. I guess that means fencing is out of the question from now on, which disappoints me a lot. Really I didn't do that much anyway so get over it Peter.
Sharp. little. teeth. The fur-ball is entirely to cool to not play with so I'm gonna go.


Anonymous sista sista said...

I FOUND HIM I FOUND HIM!!! i believe the cat's name is monroe by the way, or something of that nature petey... if you start fencing with that hand pete, i will personally stab you with a spork feliticiously supplied by your mother!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

You are right. It's a monroe. monroe pee-bag perhaps.

7:21 PM  

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