Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"It is said that no Thai meal is complete without serving soup. Thai Delight's™ delightfully creamy Tom Kha Soup is rich in it's distinctive flavors of Coconut Milk, and Galanga(KHA). One of Thailand's most popular soups, Tom Kha is available for breakfast, lunch or dinner from Bangkok's famous street food vendors, making it a modern national treasure. Serve with a side bowl of Thai Delight™ Pure Jasmine Rice. We think You'll agree!"
This soup was a dollar. Apparently you are supposed to put chicken in it, sliced up really thin. I didn't because I choose not to read instructions on soup cans. It was good enough.

The first post-op was today. A very large waist of time too. Dr. Thomson asked my if I could move my fingers and I did so. Wiggle wiggle. Then he told me to leave the splint on and come back on the 21st. "Then we may take it off if all has gone well." I suspect the main reason for me showing up today was so they could present me with a bill. I have a statement here that clames I owe $8396.00 for services rendered. That offically makes my right hand the most expensive thing I've ever purchased. Later on tonight I've no doubt it will keep me up a extra hour.
When I got back to the apartment I redressed the splint with newer clean wrappings just because I felt like something first aidy need to occure.
This wouldn't bother me much right now if I knew what my hand looked like! Man the last time I saw my palm was weeks ago. Maybe some nifty scar will come out of all this tomfoolery.

Tonight I'll paint some more after a nap.


Blogger Soterios Johnson said...

Actually, Pete, you might be mistaken.

Wouldn't your education total come to better than nine thousand dolla?

10:01 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

I thought about that today. It is a bit complicated really. So in one way yes and in another no. Ya see the college thing didn't really cost me much at all. VR paid a large amount of the cost durring my years studying art. Then I took out loans for "school" but I always spent them on trips abroad rather than school stuff. So now that I'm paying back these loans I remeber that I am paying for Germany, Chech R. and England. Also I got another bill today that bumps the total up to a wopping $11,000.00. If my math and interpritation is on mark then yeah my hand beats college by about $2,000. Oh and a lot of those refunds went to hookers. ...just kidding.

12:02 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

got another bill today. +1,000 bucks.

8:09 PM  

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