Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I spent the majority of today at work. That is normal really. Upon release I opted for a drink at Usual Suspects with some of my coworkers, another normal thing. I had the Pepper-steak salad and a Gin and tonic which is my usual. Rainy, pleasant, profitable and totally normal.
Things at the apartment are normal too. Apparently Monroe the cat got the urge to fight the incense sticks and they got everywhere. He has a few violent habits, everyone who has entered my home will agree. There where starburst wrappers all over.
When I entered my room tonight I found a note on my neatly made bed. White and college ruled, I read it's looped pencil marks.

~[Peter I finally found out how Vitamin C works. you shall read this.

Why Vitamin C is important to the immune system:
Vitamin C has two primary functions
(1) To get rid of of foreign invaders.
(2) Monitors the system for any sign of tumor cells.

By accomplishing these vital tasks, Vitamin C stimulates production of white blood cells, primary neutrophils (which attack bacteria + viruses). Vitamin C also boosts the body's production of both antibodies + interferon, the protein that helps protect us from viral invaders + cancer cells.

Thanks a bunch for letting me use your computer. As a thank you I did your bed and wrote this knowledgeable article for you.

Thinks again
=) Irina]~

That was most unusual and excellent. I am going to go sleep on my freshly made bed now.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Today was great. Seriously great. Stupendous. I showed up for work either two hours early or one hour late depending on who you ask. After eating five plates of tea sandwiches and bringing a lady a amereto sour I decided to leave early. The caf was serving flank steaks and greens so I ate some of that too. You could say I was paid in food today which was fine. My presence there was not only brief, it was impossible to time (didn't clock in).
Driving home was good because the photographs that where taken out the window looked nice. Walking back to the apartment was recorded on video thanks to my little camera. It was pointed at my feet the whole time, catching blowing leaves and the crunch of those caught under my kickin' Rockports. I made three videos all about 30 seconds long and beautiful. Jack Ramshaw, my roommate, was awarded them later. Laura and him where both awake and sickly. Not because I had come back but because he was hungover and she had a cold. We sat on the porch and played with Monroe. Then we painted and drew pictures. I actually may have completed the new painting for the most part. Laura drew a googely-eyed dinosaur standing on pangea and staring at the meteor of its personal apocalypse. Some time Lu LeVerde climbed in and started playing video games. It is hard to remember exactly what was going on at this time. The creative facilities use up all my mental RAM and I had no ability to store new information. The middle few hours of the day are a total blur. A fare price to pay for the new art all over the place. Some of the sketches will likely be full-blown paintings soon.
When it got a little later in the evening I played some Road Rash with Lu and Malcolm and Laura Marie came back. They had all three Harry Potter movies on DVD. We agreed to watch'em all but never got around to it. Why? Because Lina, Irina, Juan, and James came over for various reasons. We played a great game. I don't know what it is called but heres how it works. You write a sentence, for instance someone wrote "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." and then you pass the paper to someone next to you. They have to draw a picture of what you wrote and fold the paper to obscure the sentence. The person beside them has to write a new sentence based on the drawing that was based on the now hidden original sentence. This keeps going until we run out of ways to fold paper. In this way "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" became "I hate when dogs puke up dead fish on my floor. It causes me to cry uncontrollably". Similarly Laura Marie's "Sad, ugly people not finding love or happiness" became Irina's "Hey who invited the ninjas? They kick ass!".
After the game and the first Harry Potter movie we went to Ingles and purchased two pomegranates, two boxes of chocolates, gallons of juice, six truffles, german chocolate cake little debbies, oreos, milk, some peanut butter, and and a beer. We lounged around and stuffed our faces.
The only thing that would have made my day more hedonistic would have been a orgy. I spent the whole day making things, eating goodies, playing with a kitten, skipping work and screwing around with friends. Good times.

I'll post some pictures of the new paintings soonish.

...That's how I roll.