Thursday, June 01, 2006

I just read my favorite episode from A Lessons is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible again. It is titled Getting Over Women. Like many of Dale and David's embellished stories the title is a misnomer. It isn't about getting over women. It stars a yeti.

I think about yetis far more than I really should. They great snowman intrinsic to my existence. I envy his great strength and stealth, his self-imposed solitude, his self-sufficiency. I admire things that haunt but I don't know why.
We used to call my brother Jef "the Yeti". When we where younger his hair was quite long. Mullet long. Of the 6 of us brothers he was the hairiest. To this day he still holds that title. The hairiest one, not "yeti" of course. That is enough about yetis though.

Well just after this yeti collection.

"blue steel"

Yetis adore free hugs!

and trying to scare kids.

but not this kid, he is immune

Some are surlier than others.

But they know how to take it easy.

Some more than others.

They are skilled healers.

Some play sports. Like Baseball.

And Skier-eating.

Sometimes I dream of yeti intermurals.

Mascots like superman can be part of Team Snowback.

Yeti Intermurals must be fantastic.

Yeti games.


Yesterday I saw the seasons first firefly. Fireflies (aka lightning bugs) are beetles, not flies, though they do fly. The abdomen of a firefly contains the enzyme Luciferase which acts on substrate Luciferin to illuminate little bug. So when they are all out we will gaze out and see there glowing bug crotches floating around the grass like perverted willow-wisps.

When I was in elementary school I heard my peers talk about catching the bugs, waiting for a glow and then smashing them to make colorful glowing face paint. This apparently happened. Or at least they said it did. I never saw anyone crush a bug into their hand. I think most of them would have found that "gross". I don't it seems like something quite harmless to us the might humans. But the destruction of a living creature just so I could have glowing lemon-lime cheeks always felt wrong. So I never killed a firefly on purpose. They are beautiful, even when they are flashing genitalia lamps on the fourth of July.

Someone recently ransacked the home of two of my friends. They are currently away on vacation. I think it is important that they don't have to deal with this knowledge until they return. I would hate for them to abandon a well-earned vacation because of some ridiculous vandals. Completely ridiculous vandals. From the looks of the home and the wreckage they left behind I assume they where looking for money and only that. Many things that I would have thought to be stolen where still there. TVs, jewelry, expensive purses, all discarded as if they where trash. They even yanked the laundry out of the machine. Who does that? I hope the frustrated rampage was fueled by the thieves inability to find any cash.
Speaking of theft, a few days ago my family and I stole a piano from a house in-between ownership. I suppose the legality of it is only a little bit questionable. The piano was left by it's former owners and the people moving in didn't seem to want it. So we took it. The massive instrument now resides in the lower level of my parents house. I don't think any of us can play it.

Last weekend was spent at a wedding and wedding parties. In related news I hope more of my friends have surprisingly wealthy parents and marriage plans. I took way to many pictures. Roll after roll after roll.

That is all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before May began, I remember walking from points a and b and squirming around the newbourn fireflies. That visual is falsely hand in hand with sonic booms and air force mania. But then my boyfriend freaked out three days ago when he looked out from his window to find the fireflies blinking unnaturally fast, maybe in an SOS sort of way. I'd like to think it involves firefly quidditch with snakes and owls.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Soterios Johnson said...

You get hurrahs for including a digital Japanese Yeti (named Umaro, I think. I'm not sure I should admit to knowing that, but there it is) in your post.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Hey I don't usually have anonymous people around here. Or anyone at all for that matter. Well I like firefly quidditch and that is that.

Jake, yep that is Umaro. Yeti brawn.

11:37 PM  

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