Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Come down through the tunnel into a stiller place, a quite world of harmony and balance.
Enter here my new friend. Depart earth's relentless dichotomies. No more check and balance. Welcome to bold comfort. Know now how to be so still that the trees grow through you. All things begin to learn your name. Feel the embrace of summer. Be well and clutch the grass between your fingers.
This is in. Like a conduit in the machine your body has been tapped. Through it flows the information of the ages. Soil and Mind. We are one at a time. We are all at once.

Today I finished a painting.
The square canvas on which its been created is around thirty inches in length and width. The first marks made on it's surface was a dusting of soil. Dirt taken from an exposed bank off the 19-26 towards href="">Cullowhee. Dirt heavy with iron and oxidized orange. All the colors that can be discovered with a shovel will never cease to amaze me.
Many people drew on it at first. A drawing was formed and then many more followed, overlapping their predecessors. I want to say seven people had formulated the sketch that would become this painting but really I can't recall. After the rabbit glue and sumi ink dried pieces of the image exposed secrets to the patient observer. Most of the surface was gloomily grey. Those few colors that where applied were brushed on under dim blue light in the earliest hours of the day. It is no surprise that it was conceptually loose and in articulation it was vulgarly vague.
To make many things into a singularity is a subject worth study. In the hours it takes to paint a whole idea some part of the mind is left to spin threads of cognation.
I think about the things that are simple.

Paint brush.

Wood beams.



Then I think about complicated things.





I was thinking about being like to soil. Earth is at once a singularity and many splendid/terrible things. Perhaps if given the option to be myself the human or a huge swath of rich farmland I would have chosen the later. But where would I have been offered that option. Nowhere terrestrial I assure you.
The Immigrant Worker's protest in downtown Asheville reminded me of this. So many people. They all wore unifying white. It was retina-burning. The images are still in mind. In camera too. I sympathize with all the traveling souls. Some of them looked so tired and worn. People held up signs to remind our world not to judge the displaced. Who can say where people should be and live. As the global population spirals out of control it is important to remember that we all come from somewhere. There in no such thing is completely local.
entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem
It's Occam's razor.
We have way to many people already. I would have chosen to be soil.

The Germans have created a car that can get 157 miles per gallon. It is called the loremo. I love the Germans. Eddie Izzard made a great deal of them in one of his performances. He said that if there is ever any trouble the Germans and Japanese should be parachuted in to stop the fighting. Over the past few hundred years they have tried everything violent. I like the Germans because the have exhausted the possibilities of warfare. Now they make cars that, if mass produced and distributed, can solve more problems that I am aware of. I'm aware of many problems.
The Loremo LS has 20 horse power.
It can go from 0-60 mph in about 9 seconds.
It carries four people.
The Loremo is a amazing new German sports car.
I think it may be able to prevent wars by taking power away from Massive Oil Companies and dangerous Theocracies. Eddie Izzard may be a profit.
I think that much of the world is German. Look into the history books.
The ethnogenesis of the Germanic tribes is thought to have taken place in southern Scandinavia and north Germany during the early Iron Age. Ever sense that they have been pushing into other territories.
Once Germanic tribe was called the Franks. They moved in on the Gauls and became the predecessors to the French.
The Franks made quite a name for themselves. William the Conqueror led the Normans (French(German)) into England and shattered much of the Anglo-Saxon culture. Many years later the damage to pre-Norman traditional stories and folklore motivated a man to write "In a hole there live a hobbit" on a paper her was grading.
The English then went on to deploy flags all over the world.
I blame Germany.
I love Germans.
I want a loremo.
I want to be more like dirt. Good and filthy.


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