Saturday, December 24, 2005

I snapped this picture today on the way to Madam Butterfly with Malcolm and Alona. It was over the shoulder so it may he hard to tell that the ladder is leaning against the powerlines and a down cable is hanging into a truckbed. Safety first here in Asheville, always!

Today is my favorite holiday despite it really not being one. Christmas eve is the best. If everyone is on time (we never are) the gifts are wrapped (they aren't). My family watches A Christmas Carol, has soup, and hangs stockings over the fire place. I don't know if this is a common tradition. Thus far it has happened every year. Sadly, in the year of our lord 2005 ad Peter Lorenz will be at work instead of celebrating. It will not be too bad, after all the coworkers are my friends and we will share a mutual misery over the next two days. Worse things have happened.
Today also happens to be my father's birthday. Both he and I agree that is shit. It's like "getting half the presents everyone else gets". A true statement that is so typically my Dad. I will have to call him and tell him that his birthday is my favorite holiday then not explain myself. That reminds me, I better get him a gift or two.
Speaking of gifts: Almost everyone on my list is covered thus far.
Here's a spoiler
My brother James is getting a cool new hood to wear when he walks to work or Oteen or Kansas, wherever he goes all the time.
Brother Shleeve will get two nice stripped towels and some candy with weird faces on the packaging. He will think it is random, which is fare.
Katie, my athletic sister, is getting some orange soap and bath fizzers whateverthehell those are! These dandies should help to neutralize whatever mess she manages to make with her sweaty hygiene. They are really girly too.
Brother Jef is getting a Sudoku puzzle book and candy. I'm thinking the circus peanuts will do it. Hopefully he will enjoy being repeatedly confounded my the little thing.
Mom and Bill are getting a subscription to a wine club for the next six months. A adult has to be at home to sign for the bottles and that is the only complication with this gift. Brother Geoffrey and I are splitting the cost.
Roommate Malcolm is getting the pink painting I just finished a hour ago. It will fit into his pink room without any trouble. This is the first canvas that was finished with colored paint on its edges. A good effect.
Shannon got some Stemless red wine glasses that I am filling with chocolates. She likes those truffle cherries and dove caramel filled ones. She said that she wanted to get some upon moving into her own place. Soon she will be and this is like a head start. Too bad it's in florida. Oh and I made her a Sefjan Stevens CD with five stars on board.
Catherine is going to receive a very excellent Harry Belefonte CD. She mentioned that she liked him a while ago and I bet it will surprise her that I remembered.
My Bartenders Mike and Brian are getting a shot book aptly names "SHOTS, The Diminutive Guide to a Little Big Drink". It is part of my plan to get them to stop selling Jager and those damn Lemon Drops.
Casey loves Sudoku so a old man kindly sold me two copies of the puzzle book for my gift bag. He'll receive one of them too. The book is toilet shaped and called "Sit & Solve, Hard Sudoku".
Lina is the owner of a painting that has been the source of much frustration over the past few weeks. It is now as done as I can make it. A painting Called "Move Before the Gateway Crumbles" in pink and blues. Hope she'll like it because I sure do.
In related news Alona is getting the apple painting she said she admired. That is going to be hard to give up knowing that she assisted in the Seran wrapping of my car, Woodpenny. We did some holiday shopping together today after tea, tea, coffee, sandwiches and tea. Then we had Pizza. It was good to have her company on my day off.
So all I have left to get gifts for are Geoffrey, Dadx2, Grandma, Chris Swaim, Irina, and Laura Marie. Contemptible Christmas cash problems and a lack of ideas are preventing me from addressing this problem.

So that is what I have picked up so far. Lists are hard to generate when no one asks for anything specific. Jeeze I need to go to bed.

More pictures on el flickr account.


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Comments on your flicker account.
I like your frozen shrubs. hah, well sorry. but the best is "me". Clearly a local television advertisement--behind the scenes. You are stretching and placing your facial features to make ready for an ultra fast gimmic. Oh yes, its the overhead angle. MOVE IN NOW!.

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