Sunday, September 18, 2005

Everyone wants to be found
a couple quiet moment of contemplation:

Sofia Coppola seems to have influences over my life that grow more and more profound every day. I wish it was because she is pretty but it isn't. It is because she wrote Lost in Translation, a movie that I have committed to memory. What is it about this film that infatuates me?
The little cinematic core gleams at me like a pearl inside pink muscle. A valuable point enveloped in some silky sustaining context. There is no fantasy about turning frowns upside down with the carebear love beam. Nor is it a beguiling tale of love lost. Lost in Translation is the story of two people who in the brief time alloted to them make a real connection. The kind that is never forgotten. Bob and Charlotte accept their dilemma without a hollywood love story. They know where they are and where the friendship is heading. Beautifully Delusionless Life. Raw and noteworthy.
I love how their relationship is so modest though at the end they may have wished it was more romatic. Charlotte's large tear clouded eyes and Bob's breathlessness are evidence of that moment realized. Tokyo's foreign culture captures their similarities, linking them as two people unwinding life's uncertainties with each others' understanding.
Sofia Coppola, these flowers are for you, Bob and Charlotte. Thank you.


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