Friday, September 23, 2005

Hows this for a generalization.? I suck with plants.

Despite my efforts a to neglect the plants on my porch they have produced fruit. Small tomatoes. Lots of them. We are keeping the ripe ones in the fridge right now. Jack picked them last night. In retrospect I know it was most likely the rum and wine that had us gardening at midnight. I'm rejoicing in the yield. Not all things crispy and dry are necessarily dead. Tomato plants are tenacious creatures and if they become animate and quick they will dominate the world. Eat them everyone! Befor they figure it out!

On a side note:
Rent a flat above a shop, cut your hair and get a job. Smoke some fags and play some pool, pretend you never went to school. But still you'll never get it right 'cos when you're laid in bed at night watching roaches climb the wall If you call your Dad he could stop it all. You'll never live like common people! You'll never do what common people do! You'll never fail like common people! You'll never watch your life slide out of view, and dance and drink and screw
Because there's nothing else to do.

Everyone should thank William Shanter and Pulp for the best cover ever. I made this picture for'em.


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