Friday, September 23, 2005

the discovery woods

I found the fox's heart. Small, red and pumping.
It was lyin' on the earth
unable to fulfill,
unable to function.
I found a secret message. Tightly bound, a promise.
It was lyin' on the earth
unable to fulfill,
unable to function.
I met an Angel, a guardian, a darling.
It took my gifts and honed them.
Made me clear,
Made me vital.
Summon for me some prize seraph and I'll be your champion.
Unveil my skin and temper my sinew
unbind my nature,
unlock a fire!
I found a wooden subway token
and placed it in my pocket.
ablaze it went,
acorns to embers.
Oak train arrives and I hop up. one step.
the Angel waits outside.
planks pulse,
pistons pull.
My train leaves the sylvan station.

Terrific flames break into the car,
Steam and smoke arising.
I'm the cannonade,
I'm the salvo.
Dry leaves ignite while branches snap,
I drive the inferno away.
This's the my new wont,
This's the unfamiliar praxis.


Blogger fairclavicle said...

Well I gathered bundles from it. Reminds me of the moments that are so deeply thought of that you cannot think of HOW it registers in either side of your mind. You would excel as a prose poem with intent eyes in an estranged world with gargoyles in protest of fear, because we damn well need fear and people would hate you for reminding them of it. If I could simply get so close as to kiss the forehead of Ray Bradbury, I could tell you more of what I am thinking, but the best will be left unsaid.

10:07 PM  

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